Elting Gymnasium Locker Room Renovation

Last Updated: Thursday, October 6, 2016

Status: Construction Phase

The Elting Gymnasium locker room facilities (restrooms and showers) are outdated and in poor condition. The renovation will include renovating the existing locker rooms, installing sprinklers in the renovated spaces, and upgrading the HVAC system in preparation for the future total renovation of the Elting Gymnasium building.

The supplemental locker space work has begun. Tile work is in progress now with an anticipated finish for the locker room portion of November 2016. The other phases of this renovation will follow with an anticipated completion date of fall 2017.


Estimated Cost: $3,800,000.00
Architect: Goshow Architects, LLP
Construction Manager: SUCF
College Representative: Jeffrey Lewis, Campus Architect
Contractor: BCI Construction, Albany NY
Source of Funding: SUCF/Capital