Sojourner Truth Library Renovation

Last Updated: Friday, January 29, 2016

Status: Construction Phase

The library renovation will address the need to restructure, reorganize, and renovate the current library facility in order to meet the campus' current and future needs.

The library has been almost completely renovated and reopened at this time except for a portion of the café. The staff has moved into their new locations and the contractor is wrapping up the rest of the details at this time.


Estimated Cost: $14,315,000
Estimated Date of Completion: Fall 2015
Architect: Ayers Saint Gross Architects (Baltimore, Md.)
Construction Manager: State University Construction Fund
College Representative: D. Judson, Project Mgr./L. Nolan, Project Supervisor/M. Smailer, Architect
Contractor: Meyer Contracting Corp. (Pleasant Valley, N.Y.)
Source of Funding: SUCF/Capital