Current Parking Lot and Road Closings – Fall 2015

The College is progressing on its master plan to make the campus more pedestrian friendly and move parking to the exterior of the campus to reduce pedestrian and vehicular conflicts and enhance safety. The construction of Mohonk Walk, a new east to west pedestrian walkway, has displaced some interior parking. In addition, there are several ongoing construction projects to revitalize buildings in need of major renovation, such as Wooster and the Sojourner Truth Library, as well as the construction of a new science building and a new residence hall to improve longtime space deficits.

A new 213 space lot has been constructed to the west of Lenape Hall (Lenape Student Parking, Lot 40) and a 140 space lot extension has been added to Route 32 Parking (Lot 28).

To accommodate spaces lost to construction additional disabled parking spaces are being designated as follows: 3 new disabled parking spaces have been added between Faculty Office Building and Bouton Hall; and 4 new disabled parking spaces in Mohonk Parking Lot 24.

The following parking lots have been temporarily closed for these construction projects:

  • Lot 20 (Resnick Parking): Closed through January 2016 for use as staging area for the Wooster Renovation project.
  • Lot 25 (Bouton Hall Parking): A portion of this lot is closed through January 2016 for the Wooster Renovation project.
  • Lot 26 (University Police Parking) The north side of the lot is closed from July 2015 through March 2016 for the renovation to the Service Building.

The College encourages everyone to check the online campus map and pay attention to campus updates and communications concerning construction projects via e-mail and on the College website.

As you arrive on campus and have any suggestions or comments relating to the parking arrangements, please submit them to our parking office at