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Computer Science

Undergraduate Program

ยป Course Descriptions

Major Program

1. Computer Science Courses (63 credits)

1A. Required Computer Science Courses (40 credits)

CPS210 Computer Science I: Foundations 4
CPS310 Computer Science II: Data Structures 4
CPS315 Computer Science III 4
CPS330 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture 4
CPS340 Operating Systems I 4
CPS352 Object Oriented Programming 3
CPS353 Software Engineering 3
CPS415 Discrete and Continuous Algorithms 3
CPS425 Language Processing 3

1B. One of the following capstone pairs:

CPS440 Database Principles 3
CPS441 Database Projects 4


CPS470 Computer Communication Networks 3
CPS471 Computer Communication Networks II 4

2. Required Mathematics Courses (11 credits)

MAT251 Calculus 1 4
MAT252 Calculus 2 4
MAT320 Discrete Mathematics for Computing 3

3. Required Engineering Courses (4 credits)

EGC230 Digital Logic Design 3
EGC208 Digital Logic Lab 1

4. Required Science Courses (8 credits)

PHY201 General Physics I 3
PHY211 General Physics I Lab 1
PHY202 General Physics II 3
PHY212 General Physics II Lab 1
CHE201 General Chemistry I 3
CHE211 General Chemistry I Lab 1
CHE202 General Chemistry II 3
CHE212 General Chemistry II Lab 1
GLG220 Physical Geology 3
GLG221 Physical Geology Lab 1
Plus one 4-credit Geology course with Physical Geology as a prerequisite