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Computer Science

Recent Internships

Internships for Spring 2011

Computer Science majors at SUNY New Paltz are required to take on a senior project. To the extent that we can, we try to place the students in internships with local companies and have the body of work students perform as interns become the basis for the grade received in the senior project.

In other cases, outside agencies ask for a particular program to be written but the students work on campus, under the supervision of a faculty member, to complete the work. This work also becomes the basis of a grade for the senior project.

For the Spring 2011 semester we have four students working on for-credit internships with local companies. Two are working on web applications, both using php/mysql technologies and two are developing apps for the Android phone.

In addition, six students are working on campus on projects for outside organizations. Three of these projects are apps for the Android phone and one project involves doing performance tuning for the database of a public interest website.