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Guests with Disabilities

For safety reasons, no wheelchairs or carts are allowed in the reserved seating area.


Disability Seating Area

Groups, including guests with disabilites in wheelchairs, should contact the Commencement Office at commencement@newpaltz.edu by Friday, May 10, 2013 to reserve seating in disability seating area. 

When you RSVP for the disability seating area, please let the Commencement Office know the following:

1. Please indicate guest amount when you RSVP to commencement@newpaltz.edu by Friday, May 10, 2013

Up to four of your guests (including the guest with disability) may sit in the disability seating area. 

2. Please also indicate what the space needs to be held for i.e. wheelchair/cart.

of the disability seating area. 


Parking for guests with appropriate hangtags and/or license plates will be available 

Guests with disabilities may park in the Mohonk Parking Lot # 24, Bouton Hall Parking Lot # 25 and Administration Parking Lot #15. There are designated handicap spaces in the lot available for people with the appropriate parking hang tags displayed and/or license plates. Parking is first come first serv. Guests who have trouble walking may be dropped off in the Old Main Circle for a short walk to the disability seating area.

Map will be posted shortly.

Guest Status Change:

If the status of a guest changes and they either need to be added or removed from the disability guest list please send the Commencement Office an e-mail at commencement@newpaltz.edu no later than Friday, May 10, 2013.

Sign Language Interpreter

There will be a sign language interpreter on stage.

Note: SUNY New Paltz is unable to provide guests with wheelchairs.