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Communication Disorders

Undergraduate Program

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Communication Disorders
Major Code 588

  • Academic Sequence
  • 52 total credit hours

1. Required Core Courses: 30 credit hours

# title credits
CMD301 Speech Science 3
CMD302 Phonetics 3
CMD305 Hearing Science 3
CMD306 Language Development in Children 3
CMD310 Anat. & Phys. of Speech & Hearing Mech. 4
CMD312 Intro to Communication Disorders 3
CMD401 Observations in Communication Disorders 2
CMD405 Tests and Assessments 3
CMD415 Disorders of Child Language 3
CMD417 Audiology 3

2. Communication Skills Elective Course: 3 credit hours
(select one course from the following)

# title credits
CMM104 Public Speaking 3
CMM202 Interpersonal Communication 3
CMM204 Small Group Communication 3
CMMXXX By advisement 3

3. Elective Courses: 15 credit hours from the following

# title credits
CMD101 American Sign Language 1 3
CMD102 American Sign Language 2 3
CMD103 American Sign Language 3 3
CMD202 Deaf Culture and Heritage 3
CMD402 Clinical Participation I 2
CMD403 Clinical Participation II 2
CMD407 Speech Perception and Hearing Impairment 3
CMD409 Aural Rehabilitation 3
CMD419 Research in Communication Disorders 3
CMD493 Selected Topics in CMD 3

Capstone Experiences: 4 credit hours

# title credits
CMD406 Diagnosis in Sph-Lang Pathology (WI) 4
CMD473 Clinical Methods in Audiology (WI) 4
CMD420 Seminar in Communication Disorders (WI) 4

ASHA Requirements: These courses are not required. They are recommended for all students who plan to apply to graduate programs in Communication Disorders.

  • Social sciences requirement (6 credits)
  • College-level mathematics (3 credits)
  • Biological science (3 credits)
  • Physical science (3 credits)
  • Manual communication
  1. A 3.0 grade point average is the minimum criterion for admission to the major.
  2. Grades below C- in Communication Disorders courses are not accepted.
  3. A 2.0 Communication Disorders course average is required for degree application.
  4. Students must have completed 45 Upper Division credits to qualify for degree.

Revised 5/19/08

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