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Admission Requirements and Procedures

» Undergraduate Major Programs in Communication Disorders

High school students interested in the Communication Disorders major can prepare themselves by taking courses in psychology, English grammar, speech, and biology. Experience with young children is also helpful, as is volunteer or paid work with individuals with disabilities.

SUNY New Paltz students who are interested in the major but are undeclared may request  advisement by faculty in the department. Please contact the Academic Advising office if you wish to change your advisor to one in Communication Disorders.

To declare the major, you must have completed 30 credits of college level work with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Make an appointment with the Department Secretary to see a preliminary advisor early in your sophomore year. Bring your progress report and any previous transcripts to this meeting. (Please see the fact sheet on declaring the major for more details.)

Transfer students should contact Transfer Admissions as early as possible. The Communication Disorders majors are intensive programs with little room for electives in the Junior and Senior years. Some course equivalencies from other colleges will be accepted pending evaluation. If you wish to transfer, you must have completed at least 30 credits of college-level work with a minimum GPA of 3.0 to declare the major. It is preferable if you can complete the A.A. or A.S. degree prior to transferring. All transfer students must attend one of the advising sessions with the Department of Communication Disorders that are scheduled as part of Transfer Orientation during spring and summer.

Transfer students are normally accepted in the Fall semester only because the core course sequence begins in the fall of the Junior year. However, if you have already taken some courses in communication disorders, transfer during the spring of the Junior year may be possible. Please contact the department for more information. Sophomores who wish to transfer into the program in the spring of the Sophomore year should apply as "undeclared."

Second degree candidates need to be accepted to New Paltz by contacting Admissions.

Please see the FAQs page.

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