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Academic Advising

All majors and pre-majors who are part of Communication and Media are advised by faculty in the department. Robert Miller is the Major Advisor and a lecturer in our department; he coordinates all advising activities department wide. Once students meet the proper criteria and declare their major they will be assigned a full-time faculty member in their area of study. Students are encouraged to meet frequently with their advisor.

Majoring or Pre- Majoring

Students can become a part of the department in two ways:

  1. By declaring a pre-major, which allows for a student who does not yet meet the requirements for declaring a major to be advised by department faculty.
  2. By declaring a major in one of our five undergraduate majors.

Acceptance as an undergraduate major in the department is not automatic; rather, it is based on overall academic performance and number of credits earned. Students can, however, be accepted as majors. To declare a major in either Communication or Journalism, one must have an overall GPA of 2.0 and 30 undergraduate credits. Students wishing to declare a major in Public Relations must have an overall GPA of 2.5. Students wishing to declare a major in Digital Media Production can do so upon acceptance. 

Transfer students should be aware that the university requires that at least one half of the courses in the major be completed at New Paltz. A transfer student may obtain a transfer of credit for communication and media courses from either the departmental academic advisor or the department chair. To determine whether a class fits our requirements, please make available course description from your previous institution.

Pre-Registration Advising

The Department of Communication and Media conducts its own pre-registration advising each semester for its majors and pre majors only. At that time, students may meet with their advisor and obtain permission (PI/PC) cards for classes for which they qualify. At that time students receive their Advisor Release Number (ARN).

Information about time and place is posted each semester throughout the ground floor of Coykendall Science Building (CSB). If a course is declared closed at the time of registration, a student may be placed on a waiting list. A waiting list, however, is not a guarantee that you will get into a class. After the registration period is over, changes to student schedules must be done on a Course Change Form, and your advisor's signature is required for each change

Declaring a Major or a Minor

To declare a pre-major, major, or minor contact the Departmental Academic Advisor, Robert Miller at (845) 257-3462. Or stop by the Office of the Department of Communication and Media, CSB 51. Please bring copies of all college transcripts with you; they can be obtained from this link. Students should be aware of prerequisite requirements for all courses and may not register for courses when the prerequisite requirements have not been met. Students should see their advisors regularly throughout their academic program but they must see their advisor every semester during advanced registration.

General Education Requirements

The General Education Program seeks to provide a foundation of general knowledge, and the ability to analyze, evaluate, and communicate that knowledge to others. A complete description of the General Education Program can be found in the College Catalog and in the Advising Handbook.

Completion of the General Education Program generally requires between 35 and 48 academic credits.

The General Education courses offered each semester are listed in the Schedule of Classes. Because of periodic revisions of the General Education courses list, students should verify that courses taken to fulfill these requirements are among the authorized courses for that semester. With the exception of Freshman Composition, no more than three courses may be taken from a single department or program to meet the General Education requirements.

Questions concerning the General Education Program should be directed to the Office of Academic Advising which is located on the second floor of the Student Union Building (SUB).


Please visit the Academic Advising Web site for some forms used frequently by students here at SUNY New Paltz.

Liberal Arts Designation

All of the courses offered by the Department of Communication and Media carry a liberal arts (LA) designation, except those which are highly specified to a certain field or topic. The courses which are not Liberal Arts are: 53315, 53468, 90103, 90320, 90340, 90440, 90445, and 90490.