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photo for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Recent Publications


Tales for the Sausage Factory book cover

Director of CRREO and Associate Vice President for Regional Engagement, Gerald Benjamin, co-author, Tales from the Sausage Factory:  Making Laws in New York State (SUNY Press, 2010)

Muslim Women of Power book cover

Adjunct Faculty of Philosophy Clinton Bennett, Muslim Women of Power: Gender, Politics and Culture in Islam (Continuum, 2010)

 bennett photo studying islam resized 051310 

---, Studying Islam, The Critical Issues (Continuum, 2010)

photo bennett 020910

---, Interpreting the Qur’an A Guide for the Uninitiated (Continuum, 2010)


  ---, In Search of Solutions: The Problem of Religion and Conflict (Equinox, 2008)

bernstein photo america is the prison 051310

Associate Professor of History Lee Bernstein, America Is the Prison: Arts and Politics in Prison in the 1970s (University of North Carolina Press, 2010)

brown photo oskar panizza and the love council 051310

Distinguished Service Professor of Language, Literature, and Culture Peter D.G. Brown, Oskar Panizza and The Love Council (McFarland, 2010)

Professor of Anthropology Victor deMunck, et al., A Companion to Cognitive Anthropology (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011)

demunck experiencing vilnius 051310

---, et al., Experiencing Vilnius: Insider and Outsider Perspectives (Kronta, 2009) 


---, Research Design and Methods for Studying Cultures (Altamira Press, 2009)

evans photo anthropoloy at war 121510 

Associate Professor of History Andrew D. Evans, Anthropology At War: World War I and the Science of Race in Germany (University of Chicago, 2010)   photo ronald knapp things chinese 102111

Emeritus Professor of Geography Ronald Knapp, Things Chinese (Hong Kong Tuttle, 2011)

knapp photo chinese houses of southeast asia 051310

---, Chinese Houses of Southeast Asia (Tuttle, 2010)

kuiper photo feminist economics 061710

Assistant Professor of Economics and Women Studies Edith Kuiper, co-editor, Feminist Economics Volume II: Households, Labour and Paid Work (Routledge, 2010)

raskin photo studies in meaning 4 020111

Professor of Psychology Jonathan D. Raskin, et al., eds., Studies in Meaning 4 (Pace University Press, 2010)

photo roper journal of early american history

Professor of History Louis R. Roper, co-editor, Journal of Early American History (Brill, 2011)

 schiffer photo twelfth night 020411

Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences James Schiffer, editor, Twelfth Night: New Critical Essays (Routledge, 2011) schwartz photo state and society response 021411

Associate Professor of Political Science Jonathan Schwartz, et al., eds., State and Society Responses to China's Social Welfare Needs (Routledge, 2009)

stapell photo remaking madrid 111510

Assistant Professor of History Hamilton M. Stapell, Remaking Madrid: Culture, Politics, and Identity after Franco (Palgrave/MacMillan 2010)

Assistant Professor of History Michael Vargas, Taming a Brood of Vipers: Conflict and Change in Fourteenth-Century Dominican Convents (Brill, 2011)

Books of Poetry 

photo carr 022310

Lecturer of English Laurence Carr, Joann K. Deiudicibus, Penny A. Freel, Rachel E. Rigolino, eds., WaterWrites: A Hudson River Anthology in Celebration of The Hudson 400 (Poetry:Codhill Press, 2009)

Good Dreaming In Red 022212

Professor of Communication and Media Howard Good, Dreaming In Red (Poetry: Right Hand Pointing, 2011)

Good Frequently Asked Questions 022112

---, Frequently Asked Questions (Poetry: Propaganda Press, 2011)

Good Little Tragedies 022112

---, Little Tragedies (Poetry: Subhankar Dasat, 2011)

Good Love In A Time Of Paranoia 022112

---, Love in a Time of Paranoia (Twenty20 Publishing, 2011)

good photo threatening weather 090811

---, Threatening Weather (Poetry:Whale Sound Audio Chapbooks, 2011)  

good photo everything reminds me of me 090811

---, Everything Reminds Me of Me (Poetry:Desperanto, 2011)

good-081910---, Love Surrounds You Like a Posse in Bulletproof Vests (Poetry:Publishing Genius, 2010)

good 091010

---, Hello, Darkness (Poetry:Deadly Chaps, 2010)

good photo anomalies 051310

---, Anomalies (Poetry: Foothills, 2010)

photo lovesick 022310

---, Lovesick (Poetry:Poetry Press, 2009)


---, Visiting the Dead (Poetry:Flutter Press, 2009) 

Journal Articles, Book Chapters, and Essays

Associate Professor of Communications and Media Janice Walker Anderson, "Organizational Shunning: The Disciplinary Functions of 'Non-Sense,'" Atlantic Journal of Communication (2009)

andrews photo evolutionary review 051310

Adjunct Faculty of Psychology Alice Andrews, et al., The Evolutionary Review: Art, Science, Culture Volume I (SUNY Press, 2010)

 ---, The Evolutionary Review: Art, Science, Culture Volume II (SUNY Press, 2011)

bernstein 091010

Associate Professor History Lee Bernstein, "Correctional Dining" in Edible Hudson Valley (Summer 2010)

Assistant Professor of Black Studies, Karanja Keita Carroll, "A Genealogical Review of the Worldview Concept and Framework in Africana Studies Related Theory and Research." in African American Consciousness: Past and Present (Africana Studies, Volume 4), edited by James L. Conyers, Jr. on Transaction Publishers (2012)

 photo karanja carroll face gender class 102111

---, "African-Centered Psychology, Education and the Liberation of African Minds: Notes on the Psycho-Cultural Justification for Reparations," in Race, Gender & Class (2011)

---, "A Genealogical Analysis of the Worldview Framework in African-centered psychology," The Journal of Pan African Studies (2010)

---, "About Us and Not About Us: Theorizing Student Resistance to Learning About Race and Racism," in Social Justice, Equity, and Teacher Education (2010)

 photo elstein han feizis

Assistant Professor of Philosophy David Elstein, "Han Feizi's Thought and Republicanism" in Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy (June, 2011)

Professor of Language, Literature, and Culture Wilma Feliciano, "Religions Theater in Peru: Identity and Representation," in Sharing Cultures (Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development, 2009)

Associate Professor of English Heinz Fenkl, translation of Yi Mun-yol's "An Anonymous Island," in The New Yorker (September 12, 2011)

  photo thomas festa the makers image 102111

Assistant Professor of English Thomas Festa, "God as Geometer and Architect in Paradise Lost," in Their Maker's Image: New Essays on John Milton, ed. Mary C. Fenton and Louis Schwartz (Susquehanna University Press, 2011)

---, "A Source of Sir Thomas Browne's Christian Morals III. 29" in John Donne's Devotions upon Emergent Occasions" in Notes and Queries (2011)

  photo patricia fitzpatrick 102111

Assistant Professor of Language, Literature, and Culture Patricia Fitzpatrick, "La Huella Lorquiana en la Poesia de Antonio Gamoneda," Hispanic Poetry Review (2010)

freel 091010

Lecturer of English Penny A. Freel, et al., Stonethrow Review (SUNY New Paltz, 2010)

Professor of Psychology Glenn Geher, et al., "The Interdisciplinarity of Evolutionary Approaches to Human Behavior: A Key to Survival in the Ivory Archipelago," in Futures (2011)

---, et al., "Preferencse for Sex Acts: Which Traits Matter Most, and Why?" in Evolutionary Psychology (2011)

photo geher mating intelligence

---, et al., "Mating Intelligence," The Cambridge Handbook of Intelligence (Cambridge, 2011)

photo geher a tale of promise and challenge

---, et al., "A Tale of Promise and Challenge", Evolution Education and Outreach (March, 2011)

---, et al., "History, Biology, and Politics Neatly Intertwined: Lee Dugatkin's Newest Work as an Exemplar of an EvoS Education," EvoS Journal (2010)

---, "Self-Perceived Mating Intelligence Predicts Sexual Behavior in College Students: Empirical Validation of a Theoretical Construct," Imagination, Cognition, and Personality (Baywood, 2010)

---, "Evolution is Not Relevant to Sex Difference In Humans Because I Want It That Way! Evidence for the Politicization of Human Evolutionary Psychology," EvoS Journal (2010)

---, “The Impact of Relational Proximity on Distress from Infidelity,” Evolutionary Psychology (2009)

photo geher 022310

---, “Is Evolution a Good Explanation for Psychological Concepts?” Taking Sides Clashing Views on Psychological Issues (2009)

---, "Accuracy and Oversexualization in Cross Sex Mind-Reading-An Adaptationist Approach," Evolutionary Psychology (2009)

---, et al., "Measurement of the Conjunction Error in Social Judgment: Answer Choice & Answer Justification," in Social Behavior and Personality (2009)

---, et al., "EvoS: Completing the Evolutionay Synthesis in Higher Education," EVOS Journal (2009)

george photo eaghteenth century theory and interpretation 111510

Assistant Professor of English Jacqueline George, "All these lovers of books have themselves become books!" in The Eighteenth Century Theory and Interpretation (Summer/Fall 2009)

good ethics and entertainment 051310

Professor of Communication and Media Howard Good, et al., “Just a Cartoonist: The Virtuous Journalism of Joe Sacco,” in Ethics and Entertainment (McFarland, 2010)

Associate Professor of Psychology Giordana Grossi, et al., "Posterior N1 Asymmetry to English and Welsh Words in Early and Late English-Welsh Bilinguals," Biological Psychology (Elsevier, 2010)

---, et al., Word and Pseudoword Superiority Effects in Italian-English Bilinguals (Cambridge University Press, 2008)

---, "Brain Systems Mediating Semantic and Syntactic Processing in Deaf Native Signers: Biological Invariance and Modality Specificity,: PNAS (2009)

Assistant Professor of Sociology Judith Halasz, "Gender Politics and the Critical Gaze: Jean-Luc Godard's Masculin-Feminin" in International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (September 2011)

---, "Fair and Affordable? Racial and Ethnic Segregation and Inequality in New York City Rental Housing" in Housing Policy Debate

Professor of Psychology James Halpern, et al., "Psychological Outcomes of the 2011 World Trade Center Attack" in Crisis as an Opportunity: Organizational and Community Responses to Disaster (University Press of America, 2011)  photo kristine harris the new woman international 102111

Associate Professor of History, Kristine Harris, "Modern Mulans: Reimagining the Mulan Legend in Chinese Film, 1920s-60s" in The New Woman International: Representations in Photography and Film from the 1870s through the 1960s, ed. Elizabeth Otto and Vanessa Rocco (Digital Culture Books, 2011)

photo harris 022310

---, “The Goddess: Fallen Women of Shanghai,” in Chinese Films in Focus II, ed. Chris Berry (Palgrave, 2008)

heath 091010

Professor of Philosophy Eugene Heath, "Fairness in Financial Markets," Finance Ethics Critical Issues in Theory and Practice (Wiley, 2010)

Professor of Philosophy Eugene Heath, "Being Serious About Being Good," in Doing Well and Good, ed. Julian Friedland et al. (Information Age, 2009)

Assosicate Professor of English Andrew Higgins, "Impassioned Speech about Poetry and Evolution," in The Evolutionary Review (SUNY Press)

 photo isidoro janeiro la entretenida 102111

Assistant Professor of Language, Literature, and Culture Isidoro Janeiro, ed., "La Entretenida," (Cervantes & Co./European Masterpieces, 2011) 

  photo nancy johnson british literature 102111

Assistant Professor of English Nancy Johnson, "The Wollstonecraft and Godwin: Dialogues," The Cambridge Companion to British Literature of the French Revolution in the 1790s, ed. Pamela Clemit (Cambridge Universtiy Press, 2011)

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Benjamin Junge, "A Fag by Any Other Name: Social Concerns over Same-Gender Sexuality and Self-Image in Porto Alegre, Brazil" in Gender and Language (2011)

     photo kahl 022310

Associate Professor of Communication and Media Mary L. Kahl, “First Lady Michelle Obama: Advocate for Strong Families,” Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies (2009)

photo kahl gender 022310

---(and Janis Edwards), “An Epistolary Epilogue: Learning from Sarah Palin’s Vice Presidential Campaign,” in Gender and Political Communication in America, ed. Janis Edwards (Lexington, 2009)

photo lewis 022310

Associate Professor of History Susan Ingalls Lewis, “Business Women in the Land of Opportunity, First and Second Generation Immigrant Proprietresses in Albany, New York 1880,” in America’s First River:The History and Culture of The Hudson River Valley, eds. Thomas S. Wermuth, et al., (SUNY Press, 2009)

Assistant Professor of Political Science Daniel Lipson, "Is the Great Recession Only the Beginning? Economic Contraction in an Age of Fossil Fuel Depletion and Ecological Limits to Growth," in New Political Science (December 2011)

photo daniel lipson prq 102111

---, "The Resilience of Affirmative Action in the 1980s: Innovation, Isomorphism, and Institutionalization in University Admissions" in Political Science Quarlerly (2011)

Associate Professor of Psychology Douglas C. Maynard, “Applicant Overqualification: Perceptions, Predictions, and Policies of Hiring Managers,” Organizational Behavior and Dynamics (2009)

photo milem 022310

Associate Professor of Philosophy Bruce Milem, “Turner on Reason and Proving God’s Existence,” Philosophy Theology (2009)

   photo zelbert moore africawatch 102111

Assistant Professor of Black Studies Zelbert Moore, " 'Why Bring In France? students ask' " Africawatch (June 2011)

Professor of Psychology Alison Nash, et al., "The Emergence of Gender Differences in Physical Aggression in the Context of Conflict Between Young Peers," in British Journal of Developmental Psychology (2011)

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Kenneth Nystrom, "Dental Health of Free Blacks in New York State During the Mid-19th Century," International Journal of Osteoarchaeology (2011)

---, Linda Amato, Linsay Jankowitz, "Strontium Isotopic Reconstruction of the Composition of an Urban Free Black Population from the 19th Century United States," Journal of Archaeological Science (2011)

---, et al., "Sex-Specific Phenotypic Variability and Social Organization in the Chiribaya of Southern Peru," Latin American Antiquity (2010)

Associate Professor of Sociology Brian Obach, "Political Opportunity and Social Movement Conditions: The Role of Policy Segmentation and Nonprofit Tax Law," Strategic Alliances (University of Minnesota, 2010)

---, et al., "Teaching Sociology Consumption, Ecological Footprints and Global Inequality: A Lesson in Individual and Structural Components of Environmental Problems," Teaching Sociology (2009)

Associate Professor of English Thomas G. Olsen, "The Commonplace Book of Sir John Strayways: An Editor's View," New Ways of Looking at Old Texts IV (Papers of the Renaissance English Text Society, 2008)

  paton photo texas studies in literature and language 051310

Assistant Professor of English Fiona Paton, “Monstrous Rhetoric: Naked Lunch, National Insecurity, and the Gothic Fifties,” in Texas Studies in Literature and Language (Spring 2010)

Professor of Psychology Jonathan D. Raskin, “Striking the Golden Section in Stigma Research,” The Psychologist (2009)

---, “Living Aggressively” in Reflections in Personal Construct Theory, ed. Richard J. Butler (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009)

Professor of History Louis Roper ed., et. al., Journal of Early American History 

---, "Big Fish in a Bigger Transatlantic Pond," in The Social and Political Leadership of Early Modern Anglo and American Colonies (Peter Lang, 2009)

Roschelle Latina Chicana Mothering 022112

Associate Professor of Sociology Anne R. Roschelle, book chapter "Motherhood Unbound: Homeless Chicanas in San Francisco" in Latina/Chicana Mothering, ed. Dorsia Smith Silva (Demeter, 2011)

---, et al., "Toward a Feminist Methodological Approach to the Intersection of Race, Class, and Gender: Lessons From Cuba" Advances in Gender Research (Emerald, 2010)

Associate Professor of Nursing Linda Scheetz, "Prehospital Factors Associated with Severe Injury in Older Adults," Science Direct (2010)

schiffer photo a companion to shakespeares sonnets 051310

Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences James Schiffer, “The Incomplete Narrative of Shakespeare’s Sonnets,” in A Companion to Shakespeare’s Sonnets (Blackwell, 2007; paperback, 2010)

schiffer photo passages north 051310

---, “Conversations with Richard Stern,” Passages North (2010)

Associate Professor of Political Science Jonathan Schwartz, et al., "Confronting Global Pandemics: Lessons from China and the U.S." Global Health Governance (2010)

 scott childress photo from natures to washingtons playground 090811

Assistant Professor of History Reynolds Scott-Childress, From Nature's Nation to Washington's Playground: Marshall Hall, Middle-Class Culture, and the Commercialization of Leisure (Maryland Historical Magazine, Fall 2010)

Assistant Professor of English Vicki Tromanhauser, “Animal Life and Human Sacrifice in Virginia Woolf’s Between The Acts,” Woolf Studies Annual (2009)

werner photo greece and rome 111510

Assistant Professor of History Michael Vargas, "How a 'Brood of Vipers' Survived Black Death: Recovery and Dystunction in the Fourteenth-Century Dominican Order," in Speculum (2011)

---, "Weak Obedience, Undisciplined Friars, and Failed Reforms in the Medieval Order of Preachers," in Viator (2010)

Assistant Professor of Philosophy Dan Werner, "Rhetoric and Philosophy in Plato's Phaedrus," Greece and Rome (April 2010)

Assistant Professor of Psychology Greta Winograd, et al., "Goal Consensus and Collaboration," Psychotherapy (2011) 

---, "Borderline Personality Disorder," in the Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development (2011)

Assistant Professor of Psychology Greta Winograd, et al., "Counseling Expectations Among Students in an Opportunity Program: Dispositional and Cultural Influences," Journal of Counseling and Development (2009)