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Chemistry Department

Faculty & Staff

Dhar, Preeti

M.Sc. (1984) Kanpur University (Chemistry)
Ph.D. (1990) Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (Chemistry)

Associate Professor

Department: Chemistry
Office: CSB 318
Phone: (845) 257-3797

Teaching Interests

Organic and Biochemistry

Research/Creative Activity

Organic synthesis/natural product chemistry/medicinal chemistry

Awards, Honors & Recognition

• APACS “Distinguished Service award” In recognition of outstanding service and contribution to the success of the New Paltz C STEP Program June7 2012.


• “Synthesis, antimicrobial evaluation and structure-activity relationship of α-pinene derivatives” Preeti Dhar, Elaina Chan*, Daniel Cohen*, Fadi Khawam*, Sarah Gibbons* Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.Accepted.

•“Use of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for detection of glycemic elements in Indian medicinal plants,” Prashant Kumar Rai, Amrita Shrivastava, Bechan Sharma, Preeti Dhar, Ajay Kumar Mishra and Geeta Watal, Evidence based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Volume 2013, Article ID 406365, 9 pages

•“A possible connection between antidiabetic & antilipemic properties of Psoralea corylifolia seeds and the trace elements present: A LIBS based study” , Preeti Dhar, Igor Gembitsky*, Prashant Kumar Rai, Nilesh Kumar Rai, A.K. Rai and Geeta Watal, Food Biophysics, 2013, 8, 95-103..

• “Nicotine Analogues: Phenyl azetidines and azetidinones as potential insecticidal agents” , Al_Mashat*, Heard K*, Coluccio E*, Dhar P, Haselton A. Planta Medica 2012, 78, 1103.

• “Terminalia arjuna: Exploring its fungicidal potential”, Hollenbeck L*, Pletch A*, Ho H, Dhar P. Planta Medica 2012, 78, 1212.

• D.N. Dhar and Preeti Dhar 2011, Nobel prize winners in chemistry 1901-2009, Lambert Publishing, Germany.

• “Production of Biogas from Paddy Straw- An Environmental Friendly Process,” P. Pathak, Amrik Singh, D.C. Rupainwar and Preeti Dhar, Our Earth, 2005, 2, 5-8.

• “Phytochemical Studies on Psoralea corylifolia Seeds; Isolation and Evaluation of the Free Radical Scavenging and Antimicrobial Properties of Bakuchiol,” Susan Wortas*, Penina Odari *and Preeti Dhar, Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research, 2004, 4, 187-191.

• “Study of the Structural Changes on the Antimicrobial Activity of [3.1.1.] Bicyclics,” Preeti Dhar, Ulysses Ayala*, Eleni Andarge*, Sophia Morisseau*, and Teresa Snyder-Leiby, Journal of Essential Oil Research, 2004, 16, 612-616.

• “Thiamin Deficiency: A Case Study”; Teaching Note for Thaimin Deficiency: A Case Study,” Preeti Dhar. Case Study Collection (Online) - National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, 2003, Available at: and

• “Measuring Exposure to Tobacco Smoke: Quantifying Nicotine/Cotinine Concentration in Biological Samples by Colorimetry, Chromatography, and Immunoassay Methods,” Preeti Dhar, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 2004, 35, 155-168.

• Durga N. Dhar and Preeti Dhar, 2002. Chemistry of Chlorosulfonyl Isocyanate, World Scientific Publishing, Singapore.

• “A Direct Synthesis of Polymer Brushes,” Thomas A. P. Seery, Preeti Dhar, Dale L. Huber, and Fatma Vatansever, Polymer Preprints, 1999, 40 (2), 148-149.

• “Designing Polymer Surfaces on Gold and Glass using Surface Initiated Polymerizations” Thomas A. P. Seery, Preeti Dhar, Dale L. Huber, and Fatma Vatansever, ACS Div. Polym. Matls. : Sci. Eng. Prep., 1997, 77, 634-635

• “Glycosylidene Carbenes Part-12 A New Synthesis and Some Reactions of Spirooxiranes,” Andrea Vasella, Preeti Dhar and Christian Witzig, Helvetica Chimica Acta, 1993, 76, 1767-1778.

• “Piperidinium Tetra-thiotungstate as Sulfur Transfer Reagent: Synthesis of Cyclic Disulfides,” Preeti Dhar, N. Chidambaram and S. Chandrasekaran, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1992, 57, 1699-1702

• “Chemistry of Tetra-thiotungstates: A Novel Synthesis of Disulfides from Sulfonyl Derivatives,” Preeti Dhar, R. Ranjan and S. Chandrasekaran, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1990, 55, 3728-3729.

• “Novel Alkylations with Tetra-thiotungstates and Tetra-thio Molybdates: Facile Synthesis of Disulfides from Alkyl Halides,” Preeti Dhar and S. Chandrasekaran, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1989, 54, 2998-3000.
* undergraduate coauthors

Committee Memberships & Professional Organizations

Committee Memberships

• Member CRAL Committee, 2013
• Member, Provost Interdisciplinary Working Group, 2013
• Member, Math Search, 2012-2013 (2 TT positions)
• Member Geography Search, 2012-2013
• Director, Biochemistry program, 2011- present
• Member, Chemistry Faculty Search, 2011
• Member, Biology Faculty Search, 2011
• Member, Department committee, 2006-present
• Chair, Assistant Director for Grant Services Search, 2008
• Member, Graduate Council, School of Science and Engineering representative, 2008.
• Member, Scholars Mentorship Program, 2008-present
• Chair, Chemistry Faculty Search, 2007-2008
• RSCA advisory board, 2006-present
• Dean (School of Science and Engineering) search committee, 2007
• Member AC2 CSTEP committee, 2006-present.
• Member, Geology Faculty Search, 2006
• Member, Chemistry Faculty Search, 2006
• Member, Geology Faculty Search, 2005.
• Member, Colloquium Committee, SUNY New Paltz, 2001-2005.
• Member, Scholarship Committee, SUNY New Paltz, 2002-2008.
• Member, Affirmative Action Advisory Committee, SUNY New Paltz, 2001-present.
• Member, UUP (Chemistry Department Representative), 2003-present.
• Member, Chemistry Faculty Search, 2003
• Member, Electrical Engineering Faculty Search (three faculty positions) 2001.
• Coordinator, Graduate Program in Chemistry at SUNY New Paltz, 1999-present.

Professional Memberships

• American Chemical Society
• American Chemical Society, Organic Division
• Council for Undergraduate Research
• American Society of Pharmacognosy