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Anat Shiftan

Born and raised in Israel, Anat Shiftan received her BA in English Literature and Philosophy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and her MFA in Ceramics from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and Design in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Her work in clay explores the subject of ambivalence in floral and zoological imagery and the representation of nature in art. Anat's work examines sculpturally the traditions of still life paintings and botanical drawings. The history of ceramics technology and the design exchange between East and West is also explored.

Her printed images reflect on the dialectic relations between man and nature, focusing on the ambivalence in the heroic-yet-destructive aspect of human intervention in nature, in nature's response, and the glorification of both.


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Bryan Czibesz

An Ohio native, Bryan received a BA from Humboldt State University, an MFA from San Diego State University, and has shown his work in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and internationally. Before joining the faculty at SUNY New Paltz, Bryan taught at Arcadia University, Rowan University, and was an instructor and artist in residence at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia.

His research is an exploration of the way technologies present themselves, both as a prosthetic means of production and of understanding human physicality over time. His practice explores a range of materials and fabrication technologies — including hand-building with clay, digital 3D printing, tinkering with microcontrollers — and the resultant sculptural configurations are juxtapositions of visceral with mechanical, biological with artificial, and austere with humorous, that often invoke the viewer as active witness/participant.

Bryan is interested in how the juxtapositions of body and machine catalyze binary dialogues between the intriguing and mundane, graceful and awkward, refined and ridiculous, and foreign and uncanny in the human experience.


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