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Following Basic Ceramics, students take additional advanced courses. Ceramics Processes and Techniques I and II, as well as Wheel Throwing I and II, are skill-based/theme-based courses that may be repeated. These courses are designed to develop skills in Wheel Throwing, Kiln Building, Slip Casting, Mold Making, Tile Making, The Ceramic Surface, and other relevant technical and aesthetic issues.

After acquiring enough technical skills and an understanding of the variety of ceramic processes, techniques, and concepts, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) students in Ceramics proceed into Senior Studio #1 and #2, where they develop their BFA thesis museum exhibition and paper.

Fieldwork and internship opportunities are also available for interested students both regionally and in New York City, which is about an hour and a half away by car, bus, or train. Fieldwork opportunities are designed for three credits and are arranged on a case-by-case basis to ensure a specific match with the student's interests. Students have performed internships as assistants in museums, as editorial assistants for ceramic magazines, and teaching ceramic programs for children, teens, and adults in clay art community centers.