Writing a Resume > Using Action Verbs

Using effective action verbs highlights your qualifications in several ways. First, action verbs allow you to describe your successes. For example, verbs such as: " established" "created", "improved", and "expanded", illustrate motivation towards accomplishments. In addition, action verbs describe your actual activities and helps the reader get a greater sense of your specific responsibilities. For example, refrain from using general words such as "helped and assisted", as these words leave the reader asking the question "how did you assist?".

Special note for student teachers: Using the word "taught" over and over again is redundant. Consider using words which highlight your accomplishments as a student teacher which includes the activities which you developed for your students, and relationships you made at the school.

For example:
"Created a thematic unit on Astronomy which integrated Math, Science and Art."
"Established a positive rapport with cooperating teacher, students and parents."


Action Verbs List : Here is a partial world list to get you started

Achieved Calculated Demonstrated Evaluated Generated Implemented Maintained Pioneered Researched Supported Accomplished Communicated Designed Expedited Formulated Increased Managed Planned Restructured Trained Administered Compiled Directed Founded Instructed Marketed Programmed Restored Tracked Budgeted Constructed Devised Facilitated Identified Installed Motivated Promoted Reviewed Upgraded Built Counseled Established Edited Improved Launched Organized Published Solved Wrote