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What is a Scannable Resume?
Many employers who receive a high volume of resumes are now using technology-based systems to scan resumes which store candidate information into computer databases. Employers access resumes by inputting "keywords" which describe the position. The computer conducts a search based upon these keywords, and then calls up all of the resumes which contain the keyword.

Choosing Keywords
Keywords to include in your resume should best describe your experience in the context of the position you are applying for. Avoid being vague in your descriptions and include specific words which best describe your skills, experience, certifications, and education. Incorporate specific jargon specific to your field.

Formatting Resume
It is also important to ensure that the scanner can correctly read your resume. Refrain from folding or stapling your resume. Also, it is preferable a use laser printer and to avoid sending low-quality copies, especially printing done on a dot-matrix computer. AVOID: underlining, italics, shadows, graphics, reverses, text boxes, and always use standard type face and a font size of at least 10-12.