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Writing a Resume > Sending a Resume through E-Mail

Many employers are giving job seekers the opportunity to send resumes and cover letters on-line through e-mail. This allows the employer quick and easy access to potential candidates and also demonstrates to the employer that you have important computer skills.

We recommend not sending your resume as an "attachment", but to copy/paste your resume directly from your word processing program to the e-mail. This makes it easier for the employer to review your resume without having to take the extra step of going into another program to review your resume.

One of the disadvantages to writing your resume for e-mail is that you cannot design your resume the same way you would conventionally - that is using fancy fonts, bolding words, underlining, etc. This is because the on-line language (html) may not make the conversion properly from your word processor and can jumble-up your format. In order for your resume to make this conversion properly, below are some rules of thumb borrowed from our colleagues at Hudson Valley Community College.:

  • Do not underline, bold or use italics
  • Do not use any font except for new times roman
  • Do not bullet (except a dash - ) (asterisks some times works)
  • Do not Center, use your tab, indent, or use columns
  • Do not box or use parentheses
  • Line everything to the left margin
  • Use spaces to separate words to make them stand out
  • Put your name and categories in UPPER CASE
  • Make sure that an additional hard copy to your top employers!!

Click here for a sample of an e-mail resume