Before you begin your job search, prepare job search documents

Create a draft of your Resume & Cover Letter before you begin your job search and have it looked over by a CRC staff member.  Utilize the resume and cover letter tip sheets to create or make updates. 

How to Find Job Openings

Career Resource Center

  • HawkHire
    • Exclusive access to volunteer, internship and full-time postings in our online database
    • Instant access to resources including Event listings and registration, Career finder and explorer, Salary guides, Document library, and 500,000 national postings
    • Current students can log-in from the my.newpaltz Student tab > Internships and Careers > HawkHire
    • Alumni can access HawkHire here
  • Events & Programs: The Networking Fair for Jobs and Internships, employer information sessions, site visits,etc.
    • Bring your resume, research participating organizations in advance, and dress professionally in a manner that will make a good first impression  
    • For information on these events and programs visit our on-campus job fairs and recruiting page


  • CareerShift offers the most comprehensive online resource, designed to support the # 1 request of job seekers: an easy to use web site to conduct and organize their job search.
  • CareerShift provides an easy-to-use approach that cracks the “hidden job market”:
    • Search, store & record job listings at all publicly posted websites
    • Get inside contact information immediately, including email addresses, for millions of companies, even alumni, then save and manage your lists.
    • Upload/ Copy and Paste as many targeted resumes and cover letters needed
  • To accessCareerShift account from anywhere, anytime, 24/7, follow these instructions:
    • Students -go to CareerShift - and use your hawkmail account for immediate access.
    • Alumni - Request free access to CareerShift by contacting the Career Resource Center by email at or phone 845-257-3265


  • Many internships are found through personal contacts, so it is important to leverage your network! Begin by making a list of the people you know – friends, family, professors, supervisors, etc. Do any of them work in your field of interest? If so, contact them. If not, ask if they know anyone who does.
  • Use the New Paltz Alumni Association Professional Network on LinkedIn to tap into an extensive group of alumni for networking.
  • Keep good records of the names and contact information of people to whom you’ve been referred. Identify specific names as often as possible. Keeping a master list of contacts can help, so approach reading the newspaper, participating in internships, or talking with friends and faculty with this in mindd.
  • For more information on Networking utilize our tip sheet

Off Campus Job Fairs & Recruiting

  • These fairs and recruiting events are held off campus and provide opportunities to interact with employers. There are many general fairs and recruiting events but some focus on particular professions. Check the Off-Campus Job Fairs and Recruiting section of the Career Resource Center’s page for listings.

Professional associations

  • Many have websites that most often feature employment databases and additional employment-related services. Membership for students is often available at a discounted rate. The Gateway to Associations Online provides a comprehensive directory to web sites of professional associations.

Join LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn has over 40 million users, over a half million groups and thousands of jobs. Recruiters and employers frequently use LinkedIn to identify potential employees and business partners.
  • There is no charge for a basic account.  Begin building your professional network and get recommendations.  Complete your profile as much as possible before connecting with potential employer. 
  • Join the SUNY New Paltz universtiy page and connect with over 37,800 alumni. 
  • You can search for jobs and join other LinkedIn professional groups and organizations to participate in the discussions and view the jobs posted specifically for those groups. 
  • For more information on building your linkedin profile utilize the Building a Great Student LinkedIn Profile tip sheet.

Chambers of Commerce

  • Most communities have a Chamber that includes all businesses from the tiny nonprofits to the largest businesses in the city. They may have web and print directories that will help you locate organizations to which you may want to apply.
  • Access the website for your local chamber of commerce to find links to businesses’ addresses and contact information. You can also sign up to receive visitor information that could provide vital job search information.

Business Journals and Book of Lists

  • Most cities publish weekly or monthly business newspapers and journals, and a yearly “Book of Lists” that includes the top businesses and organizations in just about every category – hospitals, nonprofits, advertising agencies, etc.
  • Start by going to ABYZ New Links for a list of the entire local and state news journals of the cities you’re interested in. Look for the business journals and click them.  You can use this to research companies that are expanding into new markets or adding employees, or just to find out more about a company that you’re interested in.

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