Black Studies

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Black Studies


Carroll, Karanja Keita

Ph.D. (2007) Temple University – African American Studies

Associate Professor

Department: Black Studies
Office: FOB W4
Phone: (845) 257-2721

Office Hours

T11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
T02:00 PM - 03:30 PM
F11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Also by appointment.

Research/Creative Activity

Africana/Black Studies Academic & Disciplinary Structure
Intellectual History of Africana/Black Studies
Theory Building in Africana/Black Studies
Africana Intellectual Thought
African/Black Psychology
African-Centered Social Theory
African-Centered Theory & Methodology


“A Genealogical Review of the Worldview Concept and Framework in Africana Studies-Related Theory and Research.” In J. L. Conyers, Jr. (Ed), African American Consciousness: Past and Present (Africana Studies, Volume 4): 23-46. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publisher, 2012.

“African-centered Psychology, Education and the Liberation of African Minds: Notes on the Psycho-Cultural Justification for Reparations” Race, Gender & Class 18.1-2 (2011): 52-72. (co-authored with DeReef F. Jamison)

“About Us and Not About Us: Theorizing Student Resistance to Learning about Race and Racism from Underrepresented Faculty” Journal of the International Society of Teacher Education 14.2 (2010): 70-74. (co-authored with Eve Tuck and Michael Smith)

“A Genealogical Review of the Worldview Framework in African-Centered Psychology,” Journal of Pan African Studies 3.8 (2010): 109-134.

“Africana Studies and Research Methodology: Revisiting the Centrality of the Afrikan Worldview in Africana Studies Research and Scholarship,” Journal of Pan African Studies, 2.2 (2008): 4-27.

Book Review of Not Only the Master’s Tools: African American Studies in Theory and Practice, edited by Lewis Gordon and Jane Anna Gordon. Boulder: Paradigm Publishers. Journal of Pan African Studies, 1.4 (2006): 64-69.

Forthcoming Publications:
“An Introduction to African-centered Sociology: Worldview, Methodology and Social Theory.” Under review for Critical Sociology, Special Issue on African-centered Sociology (Ed., Nikitah Imani).

“Teaching and Pedagogy in Africana Studies: Implications of an African Worldview” for The Global Context of Pedagogy and Research in African and African American Studies (Ed., Victor Okafor).

“On the Impossibilities of a Post-Racist America in the Obama Era” for Race and Postracialism in the Age of Obama: A More Perfect Union? (Eds. G. Reginald Daniel & Hettie Williams).

“Cheikh Anta Diop’s ‘Two Cradle Theory’, Racism and the Cultural Realities of African Descended People in America” for Emerging Voices of Africana: Disciplinary Resonances (Ed. Michael Tillotson).

Works in Progress:
“African-centered Ways of Knowing and Being in the World: Worldview, Epistemology and Constructions of Knowledge”

“Contributions in African-centered Knowledge Production: Africana Women Activist Scholars and African-centered Thought”

“A Short History of Black Studies at the State University of New York – New Paltz.”