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Recent Graduates

Although the major was only recently added in 2012, our graduates have already moved on medical and Ph.D. programs and secured entry-level positions as technicians.

Class of 2016

Dicker, Lashaya

Brown, Montana R.        

Cummings, Mackenzie A.

 Dauer, Jessica E.             

Eck, Tyler J.        

Hoffmann, John W.        

Mahoney, Catherine A.


Class of 2015      

Boswell, Matthew          

Cassano, Christina E.      

Hernandez Alzate, Francy Y.       

Nekos, Nicholas               

Ortiz, Maria A.

Rimawi, Adam A.


Class of 2014           

Derry, Rebecca D.           

Rouse, Emily A.

Carey, Michael 


Class of 2013

Emily Coluccio

Nicholas Dipaola

Joseph Kruk

Matthew Lipinski


Class of 2012

Alison Pletch

Raneen Rahhal