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Since Asian Studies Majors take courses in a diverse range of disciplines and methodologies, several courses have been tailored to help ground students in a fundamental knowledge base and research skills specific to Asian Studies as a field. Each major is required to select at least one course (minimum 3 credits) from the current list of Asian Studies Perspectives Courses.

Courses currently designated as Asian Studies Perspectives Courses

11210 Images and Ideas in Asian Art (3 credits)
58216 Modern China (4 credits)
57320 Asian Americans (3 credits)
77365 International Politics of Asia (3 credits)
This list of courses is updated periodically.


Asian Studies Perspectives offers all Majors the opportunity to explore common points of focus and concern, and develop a common set of skills in pursuing research on Asia. The student can then carry over this knowledge and skills base into other Asian Studies work.

In addition to reinforcing program goals for our Majors, Asian Studies Perspectives courses also provide entry points for non-majors to recognize the value of area studies training, and promotes conversation among Asian Studies faculty from diverse disciplines about our respective methods in the study of Asia and our collective mission.

Principles informing Perspectives courses

Asian Studies Faculty have determined a set of principles and skills that dynamically inform the study of Asia across the disciplines. Courses that are infused with these principles will offer students a foundation in:

A) Fundamental knowledge about Asia -- brief introduction to the key concepts and issues currently informing Asian Studies.

B) Asia information literacy -- training in accessing research materials and resources on Asia through the library and online databases.

Designation process

Faculty who integrate these principles and skills into a portion of their course syllabus submit the syllabus to the Asian Studies faculty for consideration. After discussion and review, approved courses are designated on the major plan as Asian Studies Perspectives Courses. Asian Studies Program Faculty meet periodically to make new designations and review Perspectives criteria.