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SITE : SIGHT transforms Village of New Paltz

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NEW PALTZ -- Out of the showcase, removed from the pedestal, off the wall and, in fact, away from the expectations of the gallery altogether, 18 SUNY New Paltz art department students adopt/transform the Village of New Paltz for the display of site specific artworks in the exhibition SITE : SIGHT.

SITE : SIGHT is displayed May 11-19, 2007. The opening reception will be held from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, on campus in front of the Fine Arts Building's main entrance.

Challenging both the conventions of art making and art viewing, these temporary works provoke sophisticated, witty, humorous and engaging dialogue about the role and the definition of art in place. Showing great breadth of creative investigation, SITE : SIGHT includes installation art, jewelry art, activist art and more in the destinations en route.

Sticker interventions Kristi Sword
April 26, 2007

This exhibition culminates Series + Site, a special topics art course in the Metal Program of SUNY New Paltz that brings together undergraduate and graduate level art majors of all disciplines. Taught by Sarah Turner, this course focuses on the role of serial production as well as the relevance of site and context to the conception, development and creation of works of art. Students are encouraged to expand on the conventions of their discipline and investigate new means of working and displaying their artwork.

Kristi Sword’s works scatter the exhibition’s route. Described as “Sticker interventions,” these unexpected, colorful and detailed pieces highlight the familiar and everyday markers of place. These pieces respond to particular locations and find no accord against the crisp white walls of the gallery. Compelling and transformative, Sword’s stickers cannot help but evoke a laugh or smile.

Dog Shadows Amanda Messineo
April 26, 2007

Amanda Messineo’s dog shadows indicate impressions of time and change. They are both tangible and ephemeral, present and absent, subtly calling to question our relationship to time and its passing.

Maps showing the location of the artworks will be available at the opening, and they can be picked up on campus at the Welcome Center, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, Sojourner Truth Library, and the Art Department located in the Fine Arts Building. In New Paltz, maps are available at The Bakery and the Village Tea Room. They can be downloaded from for the duration of the exhibition.

For further details about the exhibition please contact Professor Sarah Turner ( or the Art Department (845.257.3830). High resolution images are available at