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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Russel Wright: The Nature of Design
The exhibition explores the work and philosophy of renowned industrial designer Russel Wright, whose former home in the Hudson Valley-Manitoga-is now a national historic landmark. The exhibition focuses on the relationship of humankind with the natural world. While examining Wright's entire career from the 1920s through the 1970s, this exhibition will highlight his work between 1945 and 1968, when Wright increasingly designed in experimental and innovative ways.

Shinohara Pops! The Avant-Garde Road, Tokyo/New York
This exhibition examines the 50-year career of Ushio Shinohara, an indispensable player in the field of global art history. From 1958-64, a critically important period of postwar Japanese art, Shinohara was a noted regular of the annual Yomiuri Independent Exhibition and a founding member of a short-lived avant-garde group, Neo Dada. Known for his Mohawk hairdo, he invented Boxing Painting, his version of "true" action.

Collegium Musicum
Hear Ye, good citizens! Collegium Musicum, the university ensemble for early music, presents pieces from Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. Included on the program will be instrumental dances, French chansons, English lute songs, troubadour music and early plainchant settings.

MACBETH, by William Shakespeare
Shakespeare's epic play about ambition and betrayal concealed and contextualized as a contemporary story of tribal warfare.