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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Screen Play: Hudson Valley Artists 2013

In "Screen Play", the Dorsky Museum's annual exhibition of Hudson Valley artists, fifteen artists respond to or use screens as a material, process, or metaphor. Screens as varied as textiles, painted canvases, projected images, and digital monitors serve as poetic and practical means to translate pictures from one realm to another. Participating artists include Diann Bauer, Amy Brenner, Vernon M. Byron III, Adriana Farmiga, Shanti Grumbine, Patrick Kelley, Linda Kuehne, AbshalomJacLahav, LoVid, Rachel Rampleman, Stever Rossi, Adie Russell, K. Velis Turan, Jonathan Wang and Harvey Weiss.

Anonymous: Contemporary Tibetan Art

The exhibition "Anonymous: Contemporary Tibetan Art" explores the tension between an ancient culture's unbroken artistic tradition of anonymity and the personality-driven world of contemporary art. By examining attitudes towards attribution in shifting cultural contexts, we ask the question: how do practitioners in the emerging field of Tibetan contemporary art react to and reinterpret their predecessors' anonymous past, and what role does anonymity play in the changing landscape of contemporary Tibetan culture?

Saturday Arts Lab

The Saturday Arts Lab is part of the Community Arts School at SUNY New Paltz. Offering dynamic education programming in the visual arts, theatre, and music for students from kindergarten through high school, we encourage students to explore the unique qualities of the arts through classes carefully designed for each age, grade, and/or experience level. Scholarships available. Registration ends Sept. 13.

Anonymous: Tibetan Identity and Culture

At 1 p.m., exhibition curator, Rachel Weingeist, opens the symposium with a gallery tour of Anonymous: Contemporary Tibetan Art at The Dorsky.
At 2 p.m., the symposium moves to Lecture Center 102 for presentations by Tibetan historian, Elliot Sperling (Professor of Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University), Kurt Behrendt (curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art), and a panel discussion with curator Rachel Weingeist, and artist Tenzing Rigdol, moderated by Jonathan Schwartz (director, Asian Studies Program, SUNY New Paltz).