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Monday, November 18, 2013

Anonymous: Contemporary Tibetan Art

The exhibition "Anonymous: Contemporary Tibetan Art" explores the tension between an ancient culture's unbroken artistic tradition of anonymity and the personality-driven world of contemporary art. By examining attitudes towards attribution in shifting cultural contexts, we ask the question: how do practitioners in the emerging field of Tibetan contemporary art react to and reinterpret their predecessors' anonymous past, and what role does anonymity play in the changing landscape of contemporary Tibetan culture?

One Book/One New Paltz Sociological Conversation

Peter Kaufman, Associate Professor of Sociology, and his SOC 320 (Social Structure and the Individual) class will guide an interactive discussion of Home from a sociological point of view. Professor Kaufman was the 2011 recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Refreshments will be served.

One Book/One New Paltz Literary Review

Eve Dunbar, Assoc. Prof. of English at Vassar College, will discuss 'Home', the 2013 one book. Refreshments will be served.