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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Photo-Rapide: Francoise Deschamps and Malian Portrait Photography

These two exhibitions featuring portraits by François Deschamps and well-known Malian photographers Malick Sidibé and Seydou Keïta amongst many others provide a fascinating glimpse of the rich photographic tradition in the West African nation of Mali. Photo-Rapide features photographs by Deschamps made in collaboration with his Malian sitters. "Malian Portrait Photography" showcases historic and contemporary Malian portraits by Sidibé and Keïta.

The Dorsky Collects: Recent Acquisitions 2008-2012

Like all museums, the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art depends on the generosity of others when it comes to expanding its permanent collection. This exhibition focuses on a representative selection of both two-and three-dimensional artworks created by artists from around the world which have come into the museum's collection from 2008 through 2012. A short list of artists includes W. Eugene Smith, Andy Warhol, Richard Hunt, Dorothy Dehner, Harold Edgerton, Mary Frank and Utagawa Hiroshige.

West African Film Series: "Faraw! Mother of the Dunes"
"Faraw!" is a family drama set against the immense backdrop of the Sahara desert. Described by director and screenwriter Abdoulaye Ascofaré as a homage to his mother, who herself had a hard life, the film follows the fortunes of a mother (Zamiatou) of two quarrelsome boys and a depressed teenage girl. Zamiatou is also the wife of a man arrested for political reasons who returns from prison mentally and physically destroyed. She struggles hard to survive in a poor and desolate area. Ready to face anything to keep the family alive except prostituting her beautiful daughter, her determination takes her far from her family. "Faraw!" shows the impact of visiting Europeans on the African family, and aims for a true sense of realism