Art History art department

Uhlenbrock, Jaimee

MA, classical art, Institute of Fine Arts at NYU
Ph.D, classical archaeology, Institute of Fine Arts, 1978

Professor Emerita

Department: Art History
Office: SAB 108
Phone: (845) 257-3875

Collections Assoc.

Department: Art Museum
Office: SDM
Phone: (845) 257-3844

Career History

For over 20 years she was the director of On-Site Studies in Art History Abroad.

In 1967 she participated in the New York University's excavations of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace and since 1981 has been Expedition Research Associate of the University of Pennsylvania's Archaeological Expedition to Cyrene, Libya. Professor Uhlenbrock is Vice-President for the United States for Instrumentum: A European Working Group for the 1999-2002 term.

Teaching Interests

Professor Uhlenbrock teaches courses that focus on the art of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as on ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Research/Creative Activity

As a classical archaeologist, Professor Uhlenbrock's principal area of research involves the votive terracotta figurines of ancient Greece, the industry that produced them, and the popular piety that encouraged their manufacture. Historiography and archaeological biography are other areas in which she has conducted research, and she has also curated seven exhibitions on aspects of ancient art.

The focus of her current research is the votive terracottas from Sicilian Naxos and the votive terracottas from the extramural sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at Cyrene, Libya.

Awards, Honors & Recognition

Professor Uhlenbrock has been awarded grants and fellowships from organizations such as the American Numismatic Society, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Samuel Kress Foundation, the State University of New York Research Foundation, and the National Science Foundation, among other state and local agencies.


Among her most recent publications is Il santuario delle nymphai chthonai a Cirene: Il sito e le terrecotte (Rome 2000), a collaboration with three members of the Italian Archaeological Mission to Cyrene, Libya. Aside from a number of articles and book reviews, she has written The Terracotta Protomai from Gela: A Discussion of Local Style in Archaic Sicily (Rome 1988), and was the principal author for The Coroplast's Art: Greek Terracottas of the Hellenistic World (New Rochelle 1990). She was also a contributor to the Dictionary of Art (London/New York), writing the entries on Greek and Roman terracottas.