Programs & Requirements

Art History Major Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Art History is a 36-credit major fulfilled by nine credits of the required courses:

Art of the Western World I
Art of the Western World II
Art History: Theory and Approaches

Required also are twenty-seven credits of elective courses. Each major candidate must complete at least one course in each of the following six areas:

  • Ancient art
  • Medieval art
  • Renaissance and Baroque art
  • Eighteenth- or Nineteenth-Century art
  • Twentieth-Century art
  • Asian Art

Art History Minor Requirements

The Minor in Art History constitutes a twenty-one credit distribution of courses. These must include at least four upper-division Art History courses and at least three Art History courses not already used to satisfy the student's major requirements.

Art History Concentration (Pre-K-6 Elementary Education Curriculum)

This is a thirty-credit major with required courses distributed over the following Art History courses:

Art of the Western World I
Art of the Western World II
Early Twentieth-Century Art

Two Asian Art Courses (Select from ARH 340, ARH 341, ARH 342, ARH 343, ARH 344, ARH 345, ARH 378, and ARH 452)

The Arts of Early China
The Arts of Later China
The Arts of Japan
Japanese Arts of the Edo Period
History of Buddhist Art
Sacred Spaces, Divine Images
Chinese Painting: Figure in Landscape


American Art  OR  Art of the Hudson Valley

And the following Art courses:

Intro to Studio Art


Introduction to Ceramics  OR  Introduction to Metal  OR  Introduction to Sculpture

And two electives (six credits) of Art History.