Art History art department

Programs & Requirements

Art History Major Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Art History is a 36-credit major fulfilled by nine credits of the required courses:

Art of the Western World I
Art of the Western World II
Art History: Theory and Approaches

Required also are twenty-seven credits of elective courses. Each major candidate must complete at least one course in each of the following six areas:

  • Ancient art
  • Medieval art
  • Renaissance and Baroque art
  • Eighteenth- or Nineteenth-Century art
  • Twentieth-Century art
  • Asian Art

Art History Minor Requirements

The Minor in Art History constitutes a twenty-one credit distribution of courses. These must include at least four upper-division Art History courses and at least three Art History courses not already used to satisfy the student's major requirements.

Art History Concentration (Pre-K-6 Elementary Education Curriculum)

This is a thirty-credit major with required courses distributed over the following Art History courses:

Art of the Western World I
Art of the Western World II
Early Twentieth-Century Art
Images/Ideas in Asian Art
The Arts of Early China
The Arts of Later China
The Arts of Japan
Arts of Asia I: The Formative Periods
Ink and Brush in China and Japan
Indian Painting
Ceramics of the Far East
Decorative Arts of Asia
Arts of Asia II: The Continuing Tradition
Japanese Prints
American Art


Art of the Hudson Valley

And the following Art courses:

Introduction to Drawing and Design
Introduction to Ceramics


Introduction to Metal


Introduction to Sculpture

And two electives (six credits) of Art History.