Students in the Department of Art at SUNY New Paltz have the opportunity to choose from a number of art disciplines for studio and lecture classes, seminars, or as a major area of study. These disciplines have specific plans of study, professional faculty, unique curricula, and designated facilities. All students entering the Art Department as freshman begin in the Foundation program to orient them to the department and to develop fundamental skills necessary to move into basic studios. Transfer students should review the Admissions page to determine requirements.

At the undergraduate level, all students enter the program as a Bachelor of Science (BS) major. This allows the student to concentrate in a particular program or to take an interdisciplinary approach. Once in the Art Department, the student may then apply to a particular Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program or remain in the BA or BS program. The Art Department offers a number of degree programs to accommodate that decision. 

The following list may help freshman understand the Admissions process:

  1. Acceptance into SUNY New Paltz
  2. Acceptance (by portfolio) into the Art Department
  3. Completion of the Foundation year and some basic studios (as a BS student)
  4. Application to a BFA program, continue in the BS program, or shift to the BA program (if a more liberal arts-focused degree is desired)
  5. Completion of the Plan of Study for your major
  6. Graduate!

Art Department Programs



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Graphic Design




Art Education