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Undergraduate Curriculum

There are two degrees offered by the Art Department.

  1. The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree combines the most in-depth study in art studio courses (69 credits) with art history (12 credits) and liberal arts (30 credits).

  2. The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Visual Art offers a more diverse experience in art studio courses (45 credits), with art history (18 credits) and liberal arts courses (60 credits).

The BFA degree offers a more focused study of art, and the BS degree offers a broader liberal arts education. The BFA is essential preparation for students intending to pursue graduate studies, as well as offering the intensive experience needed by those intending to be exhibiting artists.

Both degrees offer experiences that prepare students for a career in commercial work, graduate study in areas outside of fine art, or work in galleries, technical positions, or arts organizations.