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Undergraduate Curriculum

Undergraduate students enter the Art Department as Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) majors. This allows the student to concentrate in a particular program or to take an interdisciplinary approach. Once in the Art Department, the student may then apply to a particular Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program or remain in the BA or BS program.

The Art Department offers a number of degree programs to accommodate your decision. Please read the Overview for further information on degrees offered.

BS degree requirements

The BS degree provides an abundant breadth of knowledge while allowing the student to develop skills in multiple mediums. The balance of art classes to liberal art classes provides a well-rounded undergraduate education.

BS degree program (120 credits)
Freshman Art Foundation courses (15 credits)

Art Studio courses (33 credits)
Art History courses (18 credits)
General Education requirements and elective courses
Total 120 credits, including 45 upper division credits