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Office of Academic Advising

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How do I find out how my credits transferred into SUNY New Paltz?

Your unofficial transcript lists, by semester, all courses that SUNY New Paltz accepted from your previous institutions. Your Progress Report shows how your courses are filling general education, major, and college-wide degree requirements.

To access these, log into mynewpaltz.edu, go to the Student tab, and click on the Advising link.

Check to see if courses from the last semester of your previous college are included. If not, Admissions may not have received your final transcript, or, if you only recently had it sent, your courses may not have been entered yet.

I need to make a schedule change, but I cannot do the add/drop in mynewpaltz.edu. How can I add and drop after Orientation?

Your first semester at SUNY New Paltz is the only time you cannot do your own add/drop in mynewpaltz.edu. Contact the Academic Advising Center for help. We can drop/add for you over the phone or via email if you cannot come to campus (845-257-3015 or advising@newpaltz.edu).

When will I get an advisor assignment?

Advising assignments occur during the second month of the semester. You can find your advisor assignment in mynewpaltz.edu as well as on your Progress Report.

In the meantime, go to the Academic Advising Center or the department chair of your major if you have any questions. If you do not have an assignment by the time the schedule comes out for the next semester, see your major department to ask for an assignment or visit the Academic Advising Center.

Some of my courses have come in as electives. How can I find out if they can count for a general education or major requirement?

While most SUNY schools have course equivalencies in our Transfer Credit Equivalencies, very few courses from private and out-of-state schools have been articulated. Admissions accepts these courses as electives and they count towards the 120 credits required for graduation.

To find out if a course can fulfill a major requirement, meet with an advisor from the department of your major to have the course reviewed. Departments might request course descriptions, syllabi, and/or creative work in order to accept a course into the major.

To find out if a course can fulfill a general education requirement, visit the Academic Advising Center. A course description is needed to verify the content of the course and can usually be obtained from the website of your previous institution.

How do I change my major after coming to SUNY New Paltz?

Meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising Center to look at entrance requirements and for directions on who to contact.

How does advance registration work?

The advance registration time period is indicated in the Academic Calendar and your exact time to register will be posted in my.newpaltz.edu. You will need to meet with your advisor to review your course selections and receive your PIN. See Planning for Registration for more help.