During your third year (or before) you should meet with a career counselor in the Career Resource Center and your academic advisor to discuss options for the future (graduate school, work, or both).

Read information about graduation and submit your graduation application by the deadline.

Note: Once you submit your graduation application, your name is placed on the list for the upcoming commencement. Two months before graduation Records & Registration reviews your application. If your progress report shows deficiencies in college-wide requirements (e.g., total credits, liberal arts credits, upper division credits), or a problem in your major or minor, Records sends you an e-mail that details the deficiencies.

The deficiency e-mail is a courtesy and Records will not look at your application again until after all grades are in for that semester. This gives you time to resolve any problems. For example, there may be credits you can transfer in; study abroad credits you are waiting on; or workflows that can be done.

For issues regarding major or minor requirements, see your major advisor.

For issues regarding GE or college wide requirements, see the Senior Advisor to go over your progress report or the application process: Dr. Lucien Mott, 127 Old Main,