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The Honors Program exists to challenge New Paltz students beyond what is normally expected of them. It was designed around the philosophy that intense and demanding courses taught by outstanding instructors and filled with motivated, focused students would create the optimal learning environment. Once students are admitted into the Program they take special Honors seminars that are interdisciplinary in content and in-depth in scope. Beyond academic requirements the Honors Program provides students with the opportunity to meet and work with like-minded students on class-related projects and extracurricular creative endeavors.

Students can join the Honors Program either as freshmen, sophomores or transfer students. For each type of application a combination of factors are considered, including a 1270 or higher SAT score and a 95 or higher High School average for prospective freshmen, and a 3.5 or higher GPA for freshmen at New Paltz or students who transfer into New Paltz as sophomores or juniors. All applicants are also asked to submit a sample of their writing or a portfolio of non-written work and two recommendations by faculty. In addition, freshmen and transfer students may be given a personal interview.

For more information about the Program, contact the Director, Dr. Jeff Miller.