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International Guest House, 257-3125,

The Center for International Programs provides international educational exchange opportunities for SUNY New Paltz students, both American and international, through a variety of programs. These include Overseas Academic Programs, International Student Services and The Haggerty Intensive English Language Program.

Study abroad opportunities support and broaden the SUNY at New Paltz academic programs. Overseas academic programs enable students to become immersed in the academic and cultural life of countries throughout the world.

The Center for International Programs presently offers a wide range of programs in a variety of disciplines. Offerings include summer, intersession, semester and academic year options. While many programs combine intensive language instruction and cultural studies of a particular country, others provide academic opportunities for study abroad in a specific discipline or for direct enrollment in a foreign university. English-speaking opportunities are also available for students with little or no foreign language background.

For programs during the academic year, a student must have attained at least sophomore, and preferably junior, standing at the time of departure. Some summer programs accept graduating high school seniors and college freshmen. Students should apply early in the year preceding the one they wish to spend abroad. Applicants must meet the specific eligibility requirements of a given program; these are available from the Center for International Programs.

Credits earned on New Paltz or other SUNY Overseas Academic Programs automatically count as elective credit toward graduation. With the approval of the Office of Academic Advising, credits earned on OAPs may satisfy General Education requirements. With the approval of the Department Chair, credits earned on OAPs may satisfy major and minor requirements. Grades earned on OAPs are calculated into the student's cumulative GPA. Financial aid is applicable to study abroad. Students in their final semester of degree study are eligible to participate in New Paltz study abroad programs.

The Center for International Programs at SUNY New Paltz currently administers more than thirty programs abroad. SUNY New Paltz students may participate in the more than 300 study abroad programs administered by other campuses of the State University of New York. Detailed information on all such programs is available from the Center for International Programs.

The Center for International Programs offers international students studying at New Paltz valuable advice and assistance with regards to immigration regulations and procedures, as well as counseling in matters such as medical care and insurance, employment, taxation, travel, cross-cultural adjustment or other personal and academic concerns. In addition, this office plans or coordinates various activities and programs for international students to assist them in gaining a better understanding of American society and culture; for example, home stays with host families, trips and tours to places of historical or cultural interest, opportunities to speak to high school students, student conferences and other activities.

For information about English as a Second Language programs, contact the Haggerty Intensive English Language Program, 257-3595. See also,