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Are you ready to graduate? Follow this simple checklist to make sure you graduate in your desired semester:

  • A completed major plan signed by your advisor is no longer required, but check your department for any procedures you need to follow. If you are being granted an exception or a waiver of a major requirement or substituting a course for a required course on your progress report, the appropriate workflow must be  completed by your department chair or chair's designee.
  • Review your College Progress Report to determine that all college-wide and major degree requirements have been met. This includes:
    • 120 total credits (Remember that the credit boxes in the report do not include courses that are in progress.)
    • 45 credits of upper-division (300-level or above) courses
    • 90, 60, 48 or 30 Liberal Arts credits, depending on the type of degree being pursued
    • One writing intensive course
    • All general education requirements. If you are eligible for waivers you should apply them before applying for graduation.

NOTE: Remember that GEII/A and GEIII students are subject to the SUNY-wide general education requirements. That means all students, including AA and AS degree holders, must complete the categories mandated by the Board of Trustees. Those who have an AA or AS degree will not be required to complete the general education categories at New Paltz that exceed the SUNY minimum. These categories are also the only categories eligible for waivers. The current Advising Handbook will list the mandated and non-mandated categories for each general education program.

    • Cumulative GPA of at least 2.0
    • Your progress report must be complete, with all categories either MET or IN PROGRESS. If they are not you will receive a deficiency notice and will not graduate until the deficiency is corrected.
  • Visit the Commencement Web site by the mid-point of your graduation semester. Participation in the ceremony, including obtaining tickets for guests, is limited to those students who register on the Web site by the posted deadline. Information about purchasing caps and gowns, as well as details about the ceremony, are also listed on the Web site.