You will make your first semester schedule at summer orientation.  If you sign up for a first-year interest group (FIG), you will be preregistered in two or three courses and then register for your other courses at orientation. Your schedule should consist of about five courses or 15 credits.

How do I get credit for AP/IB or college courses taken while in high school?

You need to have your official transcripts sent to SUNY New Paltz Admissions so we can give you the appropriate credit and course equivalency. At orientation, you will self report and/or provide unofficial copies. This will help us advise you about what courses you should take; however, until the official transcripts are received by Admissions, you will not receive any credit.

Do I have to take a math course?

This depends on a couple of factors. The General Education (GE) program requires a math course, but this GE could be waived if a student has met certain criteria (e.g., SAT score, highest math course taken, regents exam). If your math GE is waived, and your major does not require any math, then you are not required to take a math course. (Students who wish to place higher can take a placement exam at the beginning of the semester.)

Do I have to take a foreign language?

Students are required to take one or two semesters of a foreign language. You will receive a placement to determine the course level at which you should continue your high school language (elementary 1, elementary 2, intermediate, or higher). If you are placed at intermediate or higher, you need only one semester to complete the GE requirement.

Is it OK if I do not declare a major right away?

Yes! Many students enter the college as undecided/exploratory students and spend the first three semesters taking general education courses and/or electives that allow them to explore areas of interest. By working with an advisor, you can ensure that you can complete the major you eventually decide upon and still graduate on time.

What does the Academic Advising Center do?

Our staff of professional advisors provide students with an array of services, including: