If I stop attending a class, does that mean I dropped the course?

Where can I find deadlines for dropping courses, taking a leave, withdrawing, etc.?                                  

How do I know which courses in math, foreign language, and composition I am ready for?

Can I take a course pass/fail?

Can I repeat a course I failed or in which I received a low grade?

Where can I go if I need extra help in a course or with a writing assignment? 

How can I find out if classes are canceled due to inclement weather?

How do I plan courses for the next semester?

Transfer Credits

Can I receive credit at New Paltz for CLEP exams? 

Can I receive credit at New Paltz for college courses I completed in high school, including Advanced Placement and IB courses?

How will my transfer credits be applied towards New Paltz requirements?              


What is an academic advisor and when should I see that person?

How can I find out who my advisor is? (Academic Advising Center,


How do I declare my major?

Where can I learn about majors? (Undergraduate Catalog; departmental Web pages; Career Resource Center)

GPA and Academic Standing

How do I qualify for placement on Dean's List?

How is a GPA calculated?

What are the GPA standards for probation and dismissal from the College?


What are the requirements for graduation?

How do I apply for graduation?


 See also Freshmen FAQ and Transfer FAQ