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Office of Academic Advising

Best Practices for Advising

Email Your Advisees

At the beginning of every semester, email your advisees to let them know your office hours. Suggest that newly assigned advisees, especially incoming freshmen and transfers, stop by for an introductory meeting. The better you know your advisees, the more informed advice you can give during Advance Registration, when they are having academic difficulty, or as they are getting ready to plan for life after New Paltz. The email function of my.newpaltz.edu makes this type of contact easy.

When the Schedule of Classes becomes available, send another email to your advisees. Remind them of your office hours and let them know if you have sign-up sheets or other special procedures for seeing you prior to Advance Registration. Remind them of their responsibilities for schedule building and suggest that they review the Registration Checklist prior to meeting with you.

Keep Notes

Keep brief advising notes of your appointments. Not only will these refresh your memory about the student's interests and plans in subsequent meetings, but they can also be used to reconstruct what you recommended in case any questions arise later on. An Advising Log sheet is included in each student's advising folder. If you need additional sheets, call the Academic Advising Center.

Refer Students to Other Support Services

Sometimes you need to refer students to another office when they ask questions outside your area of expertise. The Academic Success Resource List gives you contact information and a description of the services for key offices on campus.

If in doubt, call the Academic Advising Center. We may not have the answer, but we usually know who does.