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Academic Advising

About Us

The professional staff of the Academic Advising Center collaborates with faculty and professional staff members across campus to deliver a multifaceted program of academic advisement and retention services for undergraduates. As a result of this advising system, students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to do the following:

  • Locate and use a range of advising tools (i.e. College Progress Report, Undergraduate Catalog, Schedule of Classes)
  • Identify the purpose and requirements of the General Education Program
  • Locate information regarding academic policies and procedures
  • Identify and seek assistance from campus resources or services as needed
  • Access information that increases their knowledge of New Paltz majors
  • Seek guidance from advisors in a timely and appropriate manner

The Academic Advising Center plays a unique role in the academic advising process at SUNY New Paltz. Students without a clear idea of what major they will declare are advised by the staff in Academic Advising or by selected faculty members; both are trained to advise students still exploring majors.* Beyond assisting their own advisees, the Academic Advising staff can help all undergraduate students with academic questions and can point you in the right direction for just about any problem you encounter or question you might have.

The Academic Advising Center is not a substitute for your own advisor. Your faculty advisor will have your advising folder, with all the information about your high school and/or previous college work, and they will have your registration PIN which you need for registration. Any time you need an advisor signature, your regular academic advisor should be consulted.

Keep in mind that students also have a role in the advising process. While there are many people on campus to help you -- from your advisor, to your instructors, to campus resources -- your education is just that: Yours! Make it meaningful, successful, and something you'll be proud of in the years to come.

*Students in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) are advised by EOP staff throughout their college careers. Once an EOP student declares a major, he or she will also be assigned a departmental faculty advisor.