What's one highlight of your New Paltz experience that you'd like to share?

"I went cliff jumping at High Falls with friends. I thought I'd just tan and hang out. Some of my friends with me were lifeguards. Because of all the support I felt, I took a leap of faith – literally! I jumped. It was exhilarating. A big rush. So now, when I face a challenge, I know I did that – so I can do this new thing, too."

Is there something you're especially proud of during your time here at New Paltz?

"It's got to be creating a new column in our student newspaper, the Oracle. It's called 'Familiar Faces… with Annie Yu.' I had this idea since sophomore year, but I didn't pitch the idea to the Oracle's editors until my junior year. They loved it, and it's become a weekly column ever since! Instead of mindlessly saying 'thank you' to the worker who gives you coffee at the Jazzman café, or nervously passing by the Dean of our school, the column lets everyone get to know each other. Whether it's students, faculty, staff, or even townspeople who read our paper."

What do you to do to de-stress?

"I'm not in athletic teams or intramurals. But I do Zumba every Tuesday and Wednesday. I was never a physically active person, but I fell in love with it when I took my first class freshman year. Now it's a lifestyle for me."

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