Division of Administration & Finance

Administrative Services

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Administrative Support Services

Your department is "recharged" for central stores orders, postage, automobile use, and telephone costs at the end of the month. Check your account balances online now! If you don't have a password, contact Julie Majak with Administrative Services at x3270 to give you system access.

Important note: These balances are updated by the 10th of the current month to reflect charges for the previous month. If the figure seems wrong to you, it may be due to the fact that the previous months charges have not yet "cleared". If you feel that there is an error in your account balance, please contact us at x3270.

Payroll Distribution

The Parking Office distributes all bi-weekly New York State and Research Foundation paychecks on alternate weeks. (Research Foundation paychecks are given out after 9:00 a.m. Friday every other week.) New York State paychecks are given out after 9:00am on Wednesday every other week. Should you have a question on whether it is a pay week or not, please feel free to call x3347.

If you would like to authorize a new employee to pick up the departmental checks, please have the chair forward a memo to Administrative Services listing this person's name and title. They will then be added to the list of authorized personnel. This memo must be signed by the chair.

Work Study and Temporary Service payroll is distributed by the Parking Office on the appropriate payday. Make sure that you bring your ID in order to pick up your check.

Direct Deposit can be accessed by faculty, staff, and students. This is an excellent resource which allows you to automatically have your check deposited into your account on payday so that your funds are available immediately. Direct deposit forms are available at the payroll office (HAB 205).

Transferring Funds

In order to transfer funds between accounts or sub-objects, you must fill out a Transfer of Funds form and forward it to the Administrative Services office.

Security Administrator

If you are a new employee who needs access to the SUNY Central or Research Foundation system, please contact Julie Majak with Administrative Services at x3270.