Sabbatical Leave Report Guidelines

The Policies of the Board of Trustees  provide  for sabbatical leaves for  "planned  travel,  study,  formal  education,  research,  writing   or  other  experience of professional value."  At the completion of the leave and within sixty  days after return to duty, the faculty member is to submit a "detailed report of his professional activities and accomplishments while on sabbatical leave."   This  report  is to be submitted to your  Chair who will acknowledge its receipt.  Your sabbatical  leave report will be reviewed by your Dean and forwarded to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  All reports are reviewed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President.  These reports become part of our institutional records and are subject to review by such agencies as the Office of the State Comptroller.

The  following  is  an outline of information which you should include in your Sabbatical Leave Report.

I.  Summarize briefly the purpose(s) of your sabbatical leave as stated in your original request.

II.  Describe in detail the important activities and accomplishments of your leave. The description should include, but need not be  limited to:

      A.    Travels:  where; periods of time; sites such as  libraries, laboratories, museums, theatres; what
type of work was done at each location.

      B.    Work Accomplished:  concrete description of materials studies, research or production techniques employed, and other activities undertaken.

      C.    Public Outcomes:  completed manuscripts, artistic works and performances, and other public statements.  Give complete citation for publication, reading of paper, exhibit, or performance; if action  is forthcoming, give specific plans.

III.  If your leave turned out differently in minor ways than described in your request, please explain the reasons and/or  circumstances.   Major modifications should have been approved in advance.

IV.  How will this leave influence your creative/professional work  in the future?

V.   How will this leave influence your teaching?

VI.  Did you receive during your sabbatical leave supplementary income from fellowships, grants-in-aid, or earned income to assist in accomplishing the purposes of your leave?  If not, please so state.  If so, report amounts and sources.  "Supplementary income" for this purpose will be regarded as income from new sources or at increased  levels from that which an individual has historically earned during  periods similar to that covered by the sabbatical leave.