Pre-Tenure Leaves

Pre-Tenure Fellowship Leave

Non-tenured faculty have the opportunity to apply for replacement of their first traditional fellowship (sabbatical) leave (Polices of the Board of Trustees, Article XIII, Title E) that is usually granted when academic employees have achieved continuing appointments (Civil Service Law, Article XIV) and have completed at least six consecutive years of service within the University.  The objective of such leave is to accomplish scholarly or creative work in preparation for tenure review and shall be granted for planned travel, study, research, writing and/or other experience which will have direct and positive impact on the non-tenured faculty member’s ability to apply for continuing appointment during their sixth year of continuing service.  In addition, such leave shall increase an employee’s value to the University and thereby improve and enrich its program.  Pre-Tenure Fellowship Leave shall not be regarded as a reward for service nor as a vacation or rest period and should not be used for preparation of the fellow’s dossier.  

Pre-Tenure Fellowship Leave is typically taken in the fourth or fifth year of service and may be granted only for the period of one-half year at rates not to exceed full basic annual salary.  This prevents an interruption of otherwise consecutive service and allows the non-tenured faculty member to remain on schedule for tenure review.    Eligible employees on Pre-Tenure Fellowship Leave may, with the prior approval of the chief administrative officer, accept fellowships, grants-in-aid, or earned income to assist in accomplishing the purposes of their leaves.  In such cases, the chief administrative officer may adjust the Pre-Tenure Fellowship Leave salaries to reflect such income, either prior to or during the periods of such leaves, provided, however, that in no case shall Pre-Tenure Fellowship Leave salary be reduced if total earnings are less than full salary.

Applications for Pre-Tenure Fellowship Leaves shall be submitted to the chief administrative officer after reappointment for the second term.  Additionally, performance in teaching and demonstrated commitment to college service (including collegiality) must be highly acceptable.  Submission of this request should be according to the same schedule as for sabbatical leaves, typically early in the fall semester one-year prior to the proposed leave period.  Each application shall include a statement outlining the program to be followed while on Pre-Tenure Fellowship Leave, indicating any prospective income, stating that the applicant will continue as a member of the faculty for a minimum of one year upon return and stating that upon return the applicant will submit to the chief academic officer a detailed report of professional activities and accomplishments while on Pre-Tenure Fellowship Leave.  The opportunity to apply for a sabbatical leave will occur in the thirteenth year of service.


Two completed applications, including an up-to-date curriculum vita, must carry the recommendation of the Department Chairperson and the Dean: One to be forwarded by the Dean to the Committee on Research, Awards and Leaves, and one which will remain on file in the Dean’s office.  That Committee will, in turn, make its recommendation to the Provost.