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Faculty Annual Reporting Using Activity Insight by Digital Measures

We’re pleased to announce that after careful review and customization, Digital Measures' Activity Insight is now ready for you to begin entering records and running reports, to be used for the 2017 Faculty Annual Reporting year. The instrument may be accessed through my.newpaltz.edu from any computer.

For this first reporting cycle, we have designed the system to allow faculty in all units to enter data in categories similar to those which we have used before in our annual reporting. However, you will see expanded sections and fields that enhance the ability to capture your work activities. During the second year of implementation, we will work with units to customize the reporting beyond this as needed. 

In addition to the annual report format, a vita report format will be available that conforms to the requirements for the submission of dossiers and applications for all campus purposes. As we move further into implementation, we can create reporting that may be used for sponsored funding proposal submissions and other accreditation and professional needs.

Digital Measures' Activity Insight may be found by logging in to my.newpaltz.edu as you usually do, clicking on Assessment Tools in the Resources section and then clicking on Faculty Annual Report. More detailed instructions for logging in and getting started entering your data are in the links section of this page, along with more comprehensive instructions about how to complete each screen. These instructions are also in the Community Tab of Blackboard under Sp17 – Teaching Faculty.



Helpful Links & Information

General Instructions

Crosswalk Annual Report to Activity Insight

Crosswalk Activity Insight Screen Names for Scholarly & Creative Activity


As you use the software, you may have questions. We’ve established a mailbox that we will check regularly so we can answer your questions promptly.

Also, through this mailbox, we will collect your suggestions about changes within the screens and implement them as we can.  Revision suggestions received by mid-January may be incorporated into this year’s administration. After that, we will continue to collect changes to implement next year.


Walk-in Hours 

We will be holding walk-in hours in the Teaching & Learning Center so that faculty can ask questions and get guidance. The next sessions will be scheduled after the winter break.