175 Years: 1828-2003
State University of New York at New Paltz home
photo of New Paltz Normal's 1902 football team - The Red Stockings
photo of the New Paltz Academy
History Events Resources Partners 175 home
photo of the Old Main Building



There are three approved logos for the 175th. Each may be reproduced in black, blue, or blue and orange. In print or on merchandise the appropriate blue and orange are:

      PMS 281 (blue)
      PMS 165 (orange)

175 vertical-type logo available for download using the links below

This version (pictured, right) may be used on any materials. You can access this logo by downloading it below, or by contacting Publications at x3971 or e-mail kniffenl@newpaltz.edu.

download instructions:
Right-click on the link of the version of the logo you would like to download below. Depending on the browser you are using, you will see one of these options:
"save link target as," "save link as," or "save target as."
Select the menu option that you see of those three, and then choose a location on your computer to save the file to.
If you need to resize the GIF images, you can only make them smaller from the versions provided below. When you open the file in Adobe Photoshop (or a comparable image editing program), be sure you change the mode to RGB before resizing it proportionately. If you need a larger size, please contact the Publications office.


These two versions have a more limited use, but may be used where appropriate. They are also available in blue, black, and 2-color (blue and orange). Contact Publications at x3971 or e-mail kniffenl@newpaltz.edu if you would like to use them.