175 Years: 1828-2003
State University of New York at New Paltz home
photo of New Paltz Normal's 1902 football team - The Red Stockings
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How to Get Involved

Want to help with an event?
Contact Susan Kraat (kraats@newpaltz.edu, x3705) or Mary Kastner (kastnerm@newpaltz.edu, x3241) regarding the kick-off or the finale.

Contact committee co-chairs Bruce DuBois (duboisb@lan.newpaltz.edu, x3373) or Rosemarie McBride (rrmcbride@prodigy.net) for the Birthday Bash.

Contact Karl Rodman (karlrod@aol.com) for the Gala.

Contact Michelle Rosenbaum about the Clean Sweep.

Have an idea?
Contact any steering committee member.

Use the logo

Use the abbreviated history in your printed materials.

Direct your audience(s) to this Web site, using: www.newpaltz.edu/175