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175th Anniversary Closing Ceremony and Time Capsule Dedication
Student Association President Harrison Harvey's Letter to Future Students
(letter will be placed in time capsule)

April 13, 2004; 11:30AM

Dear Students of Tomorrow,

As I sit in front of my computer screen, in Capen Hall, Room 121, in 2004 I can not begin to imagine SUNY New Paltz in the year 2028. Twenty-Five years ago in 1978 there were no computers, compact disks, or solar powered cars. There was no internet, web pages or megabytes. 1978 seems to be forever ago. As we, presently, are so fond of our history, we can not stop ourselves from dreaming into the future. Where will the graduating class of May 2004 be when we come back to open the time capsule in 2028. We wonder from what job we will have requested a day off from to come back to our Alma Matter. We wonder about pop culture which seems to run our daily lives. Will young pop stars still rule the music industry? Will our favorite actors of today serve as distant memories? Will Broadway still be the center of the theatre world? We also wonder of the topics that plague our lives currently. We wonder if the conflict in Iraq will finally be resolved or if there will be a cure for AIDS? Will medicine be redefined or pollution be eliminated?

In 2028, when you have opened the time capsule, and are celebrating the 200 year anniversary of New Paltz, the students of today can only wonder what the campus will look like and what a day in your lives will be. Here is a day in ours: If you have an 8:30, 9:00 or 10:00AM class, you are out of luck…welcome to the world of early classes at New Paltz in 2004. After you have finished your early class, you may want to go to the SUB for lunch and get stuffed shells, mashed potatoes, a slice of pizza, a sandwich, onion rings, a salad or just a bottle of water. You're afternoon classes may be at 12:30, 2:00 or 3:30PM class, or if you had to register late, you may have all three in a row. Speaking of rows, I hope you found a parking spot, it is quite crowded over in our parking lots, and you may have to park in Lot 32…the far, scary lot across the street. We hear you may have some kind of apartments over on that side of route 32 by now. We have 12 residence halls currently, with Lenape opening in the Fall 2004. After class you may want to grab dinner at Hasbrouck, if you like buffet style, or get a coffee at one of the Jazzman's locations. If it's autumn or spring, you will probably "chill out" by the C's on Parker Quad or maybe around the gunk in between Esopus Hall and Gage Hall. The campus doesn't go past Esopus and even that seems like another world back there. There is this new athletic facility currently being built and VLC will be closed for renovation until next year. After dinner you may want to do a number of things. Maybe the students of 2028 are involved in one of the over one hundred Student Association clubs and organizations or 20 Greek organizations, You may be a part of Residence Hall Student Association, the soccer team, or involved in the current theatrical production. You may want to wander into town for a little while. In 2004, the biggest store is Shoprite or Eckerd. The Convenient Deli and Mobil Gas Station will have anything else we may need. Maybe, we will head to one of the bars in town: P & G's, Mcgillicuddy's, Murphy's, Oasis, Cabaloosa, Snugs, or Barnaby's. We hope that your days are better than ours, which is all we can really hope for. We hope that you have expanded our beautiful campus gracefully and the highest quality of students are present at this college. We hope to look back and be proud of where we have received our college education. The students of today can only hope that your days are filled with the same academic and moral freedom as we experience today.

The only thing we can be sure of is that New Paltz will always have the beautiful view of Mohonk Mountain. The fall season will have splendid colors, the winters keep will us inside and the spring and summer season can't be beat. The town comes alive and people are everywhere. It seems to bring out the best in New Paltz.

We hope that New Paltz will still be the same in its academic goals, powerful faculty, student-centered administration and staff and, of course, its outstanding students. In 25 years, we hope New Paltz will still be close-knit, personal, and comfortable. We hope the students of 2004 have begun to change our country and world for the better so that you may have a superior education and a more expansive lifestyle. Most of all, we hope that the students of New Paltz of 2004 have made you proud to be a member of the New Paltz family.


The President of the Student Body of 2004,
Speaking on behalf of the Students of Today,

Harrison Harvey